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Oct 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
at school is essential for parent's peace of mind and laws are set up to promote that environment. >> but some school districts are overlooking one federal law that is supposed to be protecting students. jenna joins us. >> reporter: the law is title nine. it's not just -- it requires schools have a clear system in place for victims to file a complaint. but some bay area educators are not complying and others unaware of title nine. schools that get federal dollars must have a title nine coordinator to handle sexual harassment complaints. so we decided to test the system, using a standard e-mail address we sent this message to more than 200 principles across 25 districts in the bay area, asking how to contact the title nine coordinator. we even pointed out this person handles sexual harassment complaints. we contacted 35 principles in the district, and none could name the title nine coordinator. >> i believe they didn't know what you were talking about. >> reporter: we showed her how some of the principals responded. i have no idea what title nine is. sorry. and, i need to know who
Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
of the water and environment plan. an estimated $8 million plan of action for restoring the stunning valley. here are the arguments being made. >> this has been studied serve times in the last 25 years. we do not need another study. it's not viable. it's not feasible. this is a complete waste of money. >> those seven studies concluded that san francisco does not need to store its water on a national park, but san francisco essentially boycotted those studies. so who's telling the truth? the san francisco supervisor or the author of measure f. they're both taking liberties with the information at hand. here are the seven studies conducted in the last 25 years, performed by state and federal governments and advocacy groups and universities. now let's take a look at the most recent ones. a 2005 restore hetchhetchy study identifies the river as the bay area's primary water source and notes that pruchling water from nearby cherry lake to a tributary can replace most of what's lost from hetchhetchy. other option include expanding the reservoir farther downstream or calvaveras reservoir in the bay
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2